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Two girls stalked in auto by eve teasers on busy hyderabad road, 3 accused arrested by police


A 19-year-old girl travelling in an autorickshaw in Hyderabad was harassed by two men riding a motorbike who stopped the auto and abused her in a deserted area on Tuesday.

She recorded the entire incident while she, along with another girl, was on her way to a mall. The duo followed her for over 10 km and later called some other men to the spot to further harass the girl

The Mailardevpally police booked a case and detained three persons on Tuesday for harassing and stalking the two women.

According to the police, the two women were travelling from Mailardevpally to Abids to go shopping, when two men began following their auto rickshaw on a motorbike.

One video of the incident shows them riding their bikes besides the auto, while leering at and harassing the women.

The accused later stopped the auto, and began arguing with the two women, hurling abuses at them. They were joined by two other men who also abused the women.

At one point, one of the men even climbs into the front of the auto, as the women yell at him to leave.

With the men abusing them and refusing to leave them alone, the women reportedly got out of the auto and began to argue with the men drawing public attention. As people begin to gather, the men finally left them alone and slunk away.

“When the auto driver came to their rescue, they threatened him. However, as the locals started gathering, the suspects ran away in fear that they would be beaten up,” a police official was quoted as saying


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