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Police station turned into message center Police Officer getting a message from Woman Home Guard


A video of a Police Officer in Telangana getting a message from Woman Home Guard went viral. While the Officer took off his shirt, Home Guard was seen in the khaki sari uniform.

A video of the ASI, identified as Hussain, getting massaged by his female collague, has reached the police honchos. Jogulamba Gadwal district superintendent of police Vijay Kumar ordered in inquiry into the incident.

In yet another incident of a police official using his female subordinate for personal use.

Sources said there were several allegations of misdemeanors against Hussain and some members of staff got secret cameras installed in Hussain’s room. The secret cameras caught him getting massaged by a female subordinate. The authorities have no ordered an inquiry.

When Media Channels went to the Police Station to cover the episode, Cops on duty kept saying they knew nothing about the incident. Even the ASI refused to confirm that he was the one who got the message from his subordinate while lying down.

An inquiry was conducted immediately and Hasan and the woman constable were questioned separately. The woman constable is said to have poured out her agony as she was being subjected to such treatment by the officials for quite some time now.

Based on the inquiry, IG Stephen Ravindra issued orders suspending the ASI Hasan. Further investigation into the incident is going on.

தெலுங்கானா : ஜகுலம்பா கத்வல் காவல் நிலையத்திலி் உதவி துணை ஆய்வாளருக்கு (ASI) பெண் காவலர் காக்கி சீறுடையில் (சேலை) மஸ்ஸாஜ் செய்து விடும் காட்சிகள் வெளியாகி பெரும் பரபரப்பை ஏற்படுத்தியுள்ளது. உதவி துணை ஆய்வாளர் பனியனோடு படுத்து கிடக்க பெண் காவலர் அவருக்கு மஸ்ஸாஜ் செயது விடுகின்றார். இது குறித்து விசாரனை நடத்தப்படும் என எஸ்பி விஜயகுமார் கூறியுள்ளார். காணொளியில் இருப்பவரின் பெயர் ஹசன் என்பது தெரியவந்துள்ளது.


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