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New Rs 200 , Rs 50 notes Launched Today


New Rs 200 , Rs 50 notes released today. The central bank, while announcing the move on Thursday, said that the Rs. 200 notes will act as a “missing link” and make it easier for people to transact in lower denomination currency, thereby bringing greater efficiency into the money transaction.

The Rs 200 note available now at select RBI offices and banks. Like we saw in the case of new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes, ATMs needs to be recalibrated to handle a different denomination of Rs 200. The ATM providers will also have to check the supply of notes to match it with the capacity of an ATM. Each cassette in an ATM can hold up to 2,500 notes. Therefore, ATMs may take a week’s time to dispense Rs 200 notes.

The bright yellow coloured Rs. 200 notes was launched just a day after the finance minister gave go-ahead to the Reserve Bank of India or RBI to issue the new.

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