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Jayalalitha Dec 5 One year completed : She speaks four language


it will be a year since J Jayalalithaa passed. The six-term chief minister had dominated Tamil Nadu’s political imagination for decades. They say nature abhors a vacuum and in the vacuum that she left behind, Tamil Nadu has witnessed many things that would have never happened if Amma was still alive. To understand the post-Amma state, we look at seven powerful tremors from the last one year.

She was complicated, reserved, calculative, impulsive, and like everyone else, prone to a battery of moods.

here’s a glimpse at her life and legacy, seen through the coloured lenses of emotions – those that she felt, and those that she elicited in others.

In what was completely uncharacteristic of Jayalalithaa to bare all in a TV interview, on 9 and 13 April 1999, the world saw a charismatic politician rendezvous with host Simi Garewal. The people of Tamil Nadu, though, saw a miracle.

In chaste, typically Tamil accented English, Amma spoke about her childhood, her crushes on Shammi Kapoor and Nari Contractor (yes, the cricketer), and what frightened her.

The arc of a lonely little girl who grows into a talented, yet hapless young woman who is hardened by the fires of circumstances, unfolds in an inspiring tragedy.

It is Jayalalithaa’s month-long stint in a rotten cell of the Madras Central Prison, and her yearning for a mother who was constantly busy, that linger as her biggest fears. These – and of course, criticism – have always rankled her, regardless of where it came from, even if it held merit.

Jayalalithaa didn’t have much to laugh about when she was alive. As an actress, she was constantly irritated, since it was a profession she was forced into by her mother. As a politician, she was reluctant, reticent, and often misunderstood. What was worse about the political field was that unlike in the movies, she was not given a platform.

ஜெயலலிதா மறைந்து இன்றுடன் ஓராண்டு ஆகின்ற நிலையில் அவர் நான்கு மொழிகளில் பேசும் காணொளி தற்போது சமூக வலைதளத்தில் பரவி வருகின்றது.


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