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Jain Couple giving up 3 year old daughter and Rs 100 crore property to embrace monkhood


A Jain couple in Madhya Pradesh has decided to leave behind their 3-year-old daughter and 100 crore property and to become monks. Sumit Rathore (35) and wife Anamika (34) have planned to take deeksha on 23rd of this month at Surat.

Sumit Rathore, 35, and his wife Anamika, 34, are scheduled to take deeksha (the first step of their initiation into monkhood) under Sudhamargi Jain Acharya Ramlal Maharaj at Surat in Gujarat on September 23.

“I will take care of my granddaughter,” Anamika’s father, Ashok Chandaliya, said. Chandaliya was once Bharatiya Janata Party’s president from the Neemuch district

He said no one could convince the couple not to renounce the world. “We had no counter to their religious arguments and relented. One cannot stop anyone when religion calls,” Chandaliya added.

Sumit’s father, Rajendra Singh Rathore, who owns a factory that makes sacks for cement companies, too accepted the decision. “We were expecting this, but not so soon,” he said.

India has quite a large Jain population who are known to follow various customs and traditions. Some of these traditions have often made news and even slammed for being extremely stringent. In October last year, a 13-year-old girl Aradhana Samdariya from Secunderabad died after ending her 68-day fast, which is a part of the tapasya ritual. While the ritual taken up by the teen was on her own will, her death put her parents in negative light and it was even said that the parents might have forced her to fast. Later, Jain leaders spoke in support of the parents and said that their religion was being defamed.


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