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Can a daughter not love her father? Honeypreet asks media


The “adopted daughter” of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Honeypreet gave a interview to India today as Honeypreet was booked for inciting violence in parts of Haryana and Punjab and Delhi.

The police is still in search for her.

Here is her interview :

“I do not understand how someone can question the holy relationship of a father and daughter. My main concern was the way the media projected me. How can they malign a father and daughter’s relationship. Can a father not keep his hands on his daughter? Can a daughter not love her father?

I went into depression. The girl who talked patriotism with her father went to jail. Then the she was accused of treason. I did not know the legal process. After my father’s departure, I became helpless. I did the same as I guided people. I will go to the Haryana-Punjab High Court. But it will take some time to handle my present mental state,”

I did not want to be a actor. I always wanted to stay behind the camera

Somehow I managed to reach Delhi. Now, I will go to the Haryana-Punjab High Court,

One basis of one letter, how can anyone be held guilty? My father is innocent and his innocence will be proved. They have not considered the opinion of other women from dera,”

”எங்களின் தந்தை மகள் உறவை மீடியாக்கள் கொச்சைப்படுத்துகின்றன, மகளின் மீது தந்தையின் கை படக் கூடாதா ? மகள் தந்தையை லவ் (அன்பு) பன்னக் கூடாதா ? எங்களின் புனிதமான உறவை மீடியாக்கள் கேவலப்படுத்துகி்ன்றன” எனக் கூறிய ஹனி ப்ரீத் குற்றமற்றவர் என்றால் பிறகு ஏன் மறைந்து இருந்தீர்கள் எங்கு மறைந்து இருந்தீர்கள் என்ற கேள்விக்கு சரியாக பதில் அளிக்கவில்லை.


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