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25 year old man lost his life as he begged for help, people recorded him instead


A 25 year old man has died of multiple wounds after he was stabbed by two attackers in west Delhi’s Khyala.

After being stabbed multiple times, allegedly by two people, a 25-year-old welder begged passersby in the crowded lanes of Vishnu Garden for water. Instead of helping him, the crowd that had gathered recorded videos of him on their mobile phones and asking his details.

Though over a 100 people had gathered there, no one came forward to help him despite his repeated cries for help. The two men who had stabbed him were arrested later by police.

Victim had two knives lodged inside his ribs. Even though he managed to remove one, he was unable to get the second one out.

In two short videos purportedly shot by passersby at the spot, people can be heard asking for his address. He is heard replying that he belongs to B block, following which he makes desperate gestures for water.

No eyewitnesses came forward to give their statement to the police.Victim identified as Akbar Ali and he is welder. the accused claimed that the incident happened for money issue.

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